Zelman Platon Brounoff


Zelman Brounoff Photographer

I am Dallas born and self taught in photography, which coincidently was my father’s favorite hobby. I was fascinated with the medium at an early age and became my dad’s unofficial assistant as a young boy. I received my first Nikon 35mm camera as a gift on my 18th birthday, and immediately enrolled in a black & white course at an area community college.

I began working full time as a free-lance assistant in 1988, working on assignments in every category imaginable. It was a wonderful education and I got paid in the process. I’m very much a people person, so my gravitation towards portraiture, corporate events, public relations, and parties seems inevitable.

My long list of loyal clients include Ernst & YoungMethodist Health Care SystemsRaytheonThe Dallas Police AssociationBristol-Myers SquibbAlzheimer’s AssociationClassic BMW of Plano, and KPMG. I also have an extensive wedding portfolio that includes numerous thank you cards from my very satisfied customers.

Services include digital photography, 35mm and medium format, video production and editing. I serve the metro Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Location or studio services are readily available. For more information or to schedule a full portfolio viewing, email Zelman.